Co jest ważniejsze: fabuła czy gameplay?

Co jest w grze ważniejsze: fabuła czy gameplay? Co można wybaczyć – kiepską fabułę czy kiepski gameplay?

Oto słowa z 2007 roku, za A GFW roundtable with some of the best writers in the biz

Pisarz Orson Scott Card (ten od Gry Endera i Mówcy umarłych):

Good writing won’t save a bad game. Playability comes first.
We have to have great graphics, too, or people won’t stick around long enough to see whether the writing’s good or not. Here’s when the writing will get good: when advances in computer technology no longer make a striking visual difference.

A Frank O’Connor (teraz Halo franchise director, wówczas content manager w Bungie Studios):

A game can have a senseless story, but if the gameplay is fantastic, all is forgiven. And perhaps that’s OK. But we wouldn’t neglect graphics or audio in our game, and nor should we neglect fiction. (…) a good story can bring back players.