Crawford jak widzi proces powstawania gier wideo

Chris Crawford to jeden z “tych wielkich” gamdevu. Autor nie tylko gier przełomowych, ale także publikacji. No i, rzecz jasna, teoretyk game designu, a przy okazji założyciel Game Developers Conference.

Would you describe the game development as like the voyage of a ship from port to port, or perhaps an organic process like the growth of a tree? Or can you discuss some other analogy that you feel illustrates it better?

Chris Crawford: Well, not speaking for myself, I can note that there are some designs for which a third analogy works better: The Humongous Heap. The designer just keeps shoveling features onto the pile until it’s so big that it bulldozes its way through publishers, distributors, and retailers who figure that a pile that big has to have a pony inside it somewhere.
For me, the process is more like a Napoleonic battle: First comes the grand speech to the troops, full of phrases like “For glory!” and “Vive La France!” Then comes the brutal slugfest in which I hurl my talents at the problem with utter disregard for anything other than victory. If I’m lucky, I breach the enemy defenses and plant my flag on the hilltop. If not, it’s a long and painful retreat. I’ve experienced both.

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