Dlaczego Pokemony są popularne?

“But when I come to think more on it, the big gest reason it has be – come that popular is Mr. Tajiri, the main developer and creator of Pokemon, didn’t start this project with a business sense. In other words, he was not intending to make something that would become very popular. He just wanted to make something he wanted to play. There was no business sense included, only his love involved in the creation. Somehow, what he wanted to create for him self was appreciated by others in this country and is shared by people in other countries. . . And that’s the point: not to make something sell, something very popular, but to love something, and make something that we cre ators can love. It’s the very core feeling we should have in making games.”
— Shigeru Miyamoto, talking about the creation of Pokemon

ZA Game Design: Theory & Practice
Richard Rouse III 2001