Erotyczne pod- i nad-teksty w grach wideo

Znalezione gdzieś i kiedyś, w różnych miejscach – tworzą ciekawy amaglat, dziś.

Creative readings of Ms. Pac Man and Donkey Kong found rape metaphors hidden in the games’ subtext.

Former Education Secretary and cultural critic William Bennett excoriated films that depicted gratuitous violence, contrasting the violence of Shakespeare’s Macbeth or Hollywood’s Clear and Present Danger, which he claimed was there to serve a purpose in the story, with the mere titillation of Scream or The Basketball Diaries (an autobiographical tale of drug addiction and recovery written by poet and rocker Jim Carroll). Former military psychologist Lt. Col.(Ret.) David Grossman told the legislators that violent video games were literally teaching kids to kill, using precisely the same techniques the military used with its soldiers.

Anime Noir, one of several products of their broader “Playskins” erotic media project, was just their latest attempt to make people question the foundations of computer and video traditions.