Gry w czasach zarazy

In Nexus, a 75-player, two-day game, the back story involved the players being quarantined in a hotel due to the outbreak of a mysterious plague. One of the players was cast as a genocidal mass murderer on the run from the law whose goal was to do whatever it took to escape before the police closed in on him. Much to our surprise, and to the surprise of the person playing the role, he found himself taking actions that ended up making him instrumental in finding a cure for the plague and saving the lives of most of the people there. The player commented later that he did not expect to do that, he never intended to save everyone, and he was planning to doublecross everyone at the end. However, each time he took an action that seemed logical and sensible at the time, he moved closer and closer to behaving ethically until by the end of the game he could not bring himself to complete his double-cross. He stated that it just felt “wrong.”

Reality from Fantasy: Using Predictive Scenarios to Explore Ethical Dilemmas Stephen R. Balzac