Historyjka o tym, jak producenci gry doprowadzili dzieci do płaczu, a rodziców do zwrotów

It was a kid’s licensed game, and it got delayed for a while, so it was in test for a long time. And so the test people kept saying, this is too easy. This is too easy. And then they would make it a little harder, a little harder. Well because it was in test for so long, these guys became so perfect at playing this game, because they’d play it every day, and they kept saying make it harder, make it harder. This game, when we shipped it, made little kids cry. It was just abusive. At Christmas, small children were crying at the fireplace. It wrecked their self-esteem. This game actually broke the land speed record for moms returning in VW station wagons to Toys “R” Us because their kids were screaming. This is what happens to a producer if you listen too much to test, because test really represents the hardcore edge of our audience.

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