Jak to się drzewiej gry wideo tworzyło…

Except in some of the more enlightened game development firms, the general recipe of software development is as follows:

1. Find about a dozen coders. Try to make sure that there is a good spread of specialization, such as an AI specialist, a graphics programming expert, a sound expert, a good programmer, and whoever else is available on short notice.

2. Appoint a quirky genius as the lead programmer, usually because he is the sort of person who can code Quake III in his sleep, and knows everything about anything.

3. Put them together in a small room with a staff of artists at their disposal.

4. Allow to simmer for an 18-24 month period, stirring periodically and adding soft drinks and pizza to taste.

5. Be prepared to allow a little extra cooking time, but also be prepared that the result still maybe half baked, or that the developers will have been frazzled to a crisp.

Game Architecture and Design: A New Edition Andrew Rollings Dave Morris