Nie da się zrobić planszówki z “Cywilizacji”?

Z wywiadu z Sidem Meierem, ojcem serii “Civilization”:

A lot of your games seem to be inspired in part from board games. But, as you just said, Civilization would never really work as a board game. How do you take an idea that you liked in a board game and transfer it into something that really is a computer game instead of just a straight translation?

Before there were computers, I played a lot of board games and I was into Avalon Hill games, et cetera. I think they provided a lot of seed ideas for games. Often they are a good model of what’s important, what’s interesting, and what’s not about a topic. But once you get into mechanics and interface and those kind of things, really there starts to be a pretty significant difference between board games and computer games. There’s a lot of interesting research material sometimes in board games. Often they’re interesting for “we need some technologies” or “we need to think about which units,” et cetera. There’s that kind of overlap in terms of the basic playing pieces sometimes. But how they are used and so forth, those things are pretty different between board games and computer games. I would say board games provide an interesting review of topics that are available and topics that are interesting. But once it gets into the actual game itself there is a wide difference between computer games and board games, in my mind.

ZA Game Design: Theory & Practice Richard Rouse III 2001