O tym jak D&D jest blisko gier wideo

What these garners were discovering was the same thing Gary Gygax discovered in Lake Geneva, what Richard Garriott discovered in 1977, what John Romero and John Carmack discovered when they released Doom, and what millions of other garners came to realize over the years: sitting down and playing with other people was a whole lot of fun. The people-the culture ofgarners-made the fun. Thegame itself hardly mattered. Technology allowed them to expand their pool of players beyond the artificial borders of neighborhoods, dormitories, and offices. The only limitations were the spread of phone lines, cable connections, and soon wireless networks. And, in a very real sense, those die-hard sports fanatics who fire up Madden on their televisions finally have much more in common with Dungeons & Dragons players than they might ever have realized.

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