“Po taniości” się produkowało…

Simon Hadlington (producer/tester):‘

Geoff would get the licence and then it was a fait accompli and it was over to you then to turn it into something. Really it was a question of who was the cheapest and who could do it the quickest. It was cash that talked, or timing. It didn’t matter about the quality back then. For example, on Street Fighter II there were certain teams who could be used – Creative Materials, Tiertex, Probe – and you’d say we’ve got to start this and finish it in four weeks. Have you got a team that can do this? There was a preference to use Tiertex whenever possible because of US Gold having a stake in them. For this game Tiertex got the job of producing the Spectrum version and Creative Materials did the rest.‘Quite honestly US Gold just released stuff with bugs in it, and didn’t care because that was Woody’s (PR) job to cover it and try to get the good reviews even if the game was a pile of crap.

ZA The Story of US Gold Chris Wilkins & Roger M. Kean (2015)