“Polish folklore” dotyczący śledzia?

Znacie jakiś “Polish folklore” dotyczący >herringa< vel śledzia?

Porada dla twórców fikcji interaktywnych z 1990 roku dotycząca zagadek z polskim smaczkiem:

Riddles are a favourite technique. Make sure, though, that the solution you favour is truly unique and self-evident once guessed. There are two really annoying mistakes some game-writers make with riddles. The first is a riddle so obscure that it cannot be solved. The other is one to which you know one or more possible answers but cannot think of the words the game-writer expected you to use.
An example of an obscure riddle:
Q. What’s green, hangs in a tree and whistles?
A. A herring. (see Polish folklore for the explanation of this)

Gil Williamson “Computer Adventures, The Secret Art”

Herring to rzecz jasna śledź. I teraz pytanie: znacie jakąś polską bajkę w tym temacie?

DLA CHĘTNYCH: Przepis na zielone śledzie

Zagadka ta pojawia się też w filmie z 2005 roku Mirrormask (scenariusz Neila Gaimana):

[The Gryphon has been unable to answer Helena’s riddle: “What’s green, hangs on a wall and whistles?”]
Helena: It’s a herring.
Gryphon: But a herring isn’t green.
Helena: You can paint it green.
Gryphon: But a herring doesn’t hang on a wall.
Helena: You can nail it to a wall.
Gryphon: [through clenched teeth] But a herring doesn’t WHISTLE!!
Helena: Oh come on, I just put that in to stop it from being too obvious.