Prawdziwe ćwiczenia a gry wideo – czy ktoś się przejmuje zawałami serca?

A close second in overall stupidity was the “Atari exercise cycle.” [pierwsze to MindLink] The idea here was to combat the rather tawdry image of videogames by building a videogame into an exercise cycle, providing good, healthy exercise while you played your videogame. Two design strategies were explored: meandering and fleeing. The meandering strategy offered a screen of pleasant, beautiful bicycle paths among trees. As you cycled along, the scenery changed. This design strategy failed for two reasons:
* First, the sensory input was always much inferior to the real thing.
* Second, it wasn’t much fun.
The second design strategy suffered from a completely different problem. What we imagined here was a Tyrannosaurus Rex chasing the player, whose video screen functioned rather like a rear-view mirror. The player had to pedal faster to escape the monster. This was all good fun, and seemed a viable product, until somebody asked what would happen should one of our customers suffer a heart attack while playing. Oops—back to the drawing board.
Nowadays, with better graphics capabilities, products using the first strategy have finally come to market.

Chris Crawford on Game Design

Dziś nikt się już chyba tym nie przejmuje, ani twórcy Just Dance ani Kinect Sports ani Sports Champions.