Protesty w Ulitma Online

That Friday afternoon, several hundred garners logged on and marched together to Lord British’s castle, situated just outside of the main town. Aware of the protest, the design team gathered in their newly refurbished digs at Origin, opened the castle gates in the game, and sat back to watch the action unfold on their computer screens. The protesters poured into the Great Hall, bringing gameplay to a near halt. With so many people in one area, It took several minutes between punching a command on the keyboard and actually having a character move. The players began disrobmg. WIthin 30 minutes, hundreds of naked protesters stood in the room. The protest Soon took on a party-like atmosphere, and the virtual drinking started. Just as in real life, when characters drink too much in Ultima Online, they get drunk. Keyboard commands become scrambled, players wobble, and eventually they throw up. Soon, hundreds of naked avatars, puking in slow motion, filled the room. Richard loved it.

niestety, nie zapisałem skąd ten piękny cytat 🙁