Shrek i Final Fantasy (film) w jednym roku stały…

When in the summer of 2001 two movies, Shrek and Final Fantasy, competed for ticket sales, and Shrek outsold Final Fantasy by ten to one, the computer games people were nonplussed. How could a graphically inferior product like Shrek have more appeal than a state-of-the-art work like Final Fantasy? The notion that Shrek had a better story and more interesting characters simply never caught on with these people. They just didn’t Get It. Their worldview is literalist in a logical, physical, and spatial sense. When they sit down to create a game universe in their computer, their first act is to set up the spatial coordinate system and the map of their world. Then they populate it with physical objects and endow those physical objects with physical properties obeying physical laws programmed into the virtual universe. All very neat and tidy.

Chris Crawford on Game Design