Sims łączy pokolenia

Historia z życia wzięta

a young mother who had gotten divorced just before she left Europe to come to our program. She was spending time in the evening playing The Sims and using her fictional persona to imagine what it would mean for her to re-enter the dating scene. What she did not know was that her preteen son was playing the same game, entering the same reality, and seeking to construct for himself the perfect family. As fate would have it, her more seductive character lured away the husband from her son’s idealized family, shattering the illusion he had constructed for himself. When the mother discovered what she had done, she was horrified by the implications of her own choices and soon mother and son were playing together, doing what they could to heal the rift in the fictional marriage, only to discover that what had been done could not be undone. The game, thus, became a tool for them to talk through the dramatic changes that were rewriting the terms of their relationship to each other, allowing the mother and son to share some of their emotional experiences and to better understand how choices they were making impacted each other’s lives.

Ethics and Game Design: Teaching Values through Play pod redakcją Karen Schrier i David Gibson (2010)