Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back a możliwości Atari VCS

W czasach, gdy rodziła się elektroniczna rozgrywka i gdy nie było wiadomo, czy VCS to zabawka, czy gra, czy może coś jeszcze, sprawdzano możliwości sprzętu, tworząc pierwszą w historii grę wideo na licencji Star Wars.

Marketing manager Bill Bracy [z Parker Brothers – przyp tk] asked programmer Rex Bradford what could be done using the Atari VCS platform. What kinds of images could be created? His comment was [that] actually it’s possible to do fairly good graphics. I asked him to give me an example. A couple of days later he asked me to come into the programming area and take a look. There on the screen was a good representation of Darth [Vader]—his bust filled the screen. I seem to remember it had color and shading and looked far superior to anything I had seen in the games on the market at that time (fall of 1981). When I asked him what can we do with it, his response was: nothing! I’ve used up all the space.

Racing the Beam: The Atari Video Computer System, Nick Montfort and Ian Bogost