Tetris jako planszówka – da się czy nie?

While Tetris may have not needed much in the way of computer technology to function, it is worth pointing out that there could be no Tetris without a computer. Tetris is not a game adapted from a pen and paper or board game, but rather something that only can exist in a world carefully controlled and governed by a computer. As mentioned previously, Pajitnov is said to have drawn his inspiration from the non-computer puzzle game pentomino. In adapting it to the computer, Pajitnov changed it into a form which could exist only on a computer.

ZA Game Design: Theory & Practice Richard Rouse III 2001

Tymczasem już w 1989 roku ukazała się planszówka oparta na grze Pajitnova.

Są też współcześniejsze produkcje, nieco odchodzące od oryginału, ale funkcjonującej na podobnej idei: Blokus, NMBR9, Fits czy nawet Jenga Tetris…