The Mystere incident

Mystere, a male player on the Brell Serilis server who roleplayed and posted both as the female dark elf “Mystere” and, less frequently, a male Iksar character “Vhasst”, wrote.

In 2000 Mystere posted a piece of fan fiction (fanfic) to a Web site neither owned nor operated by SOE. This independent venue offered a place for players to share their written work (based around EverQuest characters and EQ-style elements) with others in a noncommercial setting. The content of the story admittedly is charged, involving the graphic rape of a character “in her 14th season” and the subsequent revenge in which the character kills her attacker. The story remained on the board for three months until it came to the attention of EQ representatives, who were alerted to it by a visitor to the Web site. In a move that startled many in the game community, Mystere’s EverQuest account was closed and the piece of fanfic subsequently was deleted.

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According to Mystere:
He told me that I had been banned for a very disturbing story I had written. I was further told that Sony ‘didn’t want my kind of people’ playing their game. After attempting to defend myself by saying that it was a roleplay story only, and wasn’t even posted on their boards, I was informed that the council had made their decision and it was immutable.