W 2003 o grach VR

Ku pamięci:

  • 1987- ukuto pojęcie VR
  • 1995 – Virutal Boy
  • 2001 – SAS Cube
  • 2007 – Street View od Google
  • 2010 – prototyp Oculusa
  • 2013 – HTC Vive

Zatem poniższe słowa są w epoce VRowej stagnacji 🙂

Virtual reality is a term for a technology that tries to make the player forget where he really is and to feel as if he’s in the game instead. In practical terms, this means loading him down with a helmet that includes earphones and a pair of miniature liquid-crystal displays for stereo vision, as well as a position sensor that can determine what direction he’s looking. VR was considered something of a holy grail for gaming a few years ago, but it has almost dropped out of sight again. The gear is expensive, and unless it’s carefully calibrated to the individual user, it tends to give people motion sickness.
Still, there’s a lot of potential for the technology. If you’ve ever seen a really good 3D movie—one projected with polarized light, not the old red-and-green glasses—then you know how powerful the effect of stereo vision is. On a big screen, occupying all your peripheral vision, it really does make you feel as if you’re in the scene. To do this on a computer means computing two different images, one for each eye—and, of course, that requires twice as much graphics processing power. To reduce what’s called “visual stress”—making the eye work harder than it normally does—VR gear must operate with high resolution at a high frame rate and with sharp focus.
We think there’s a future for virtual reality in games, but it’s several years off yet. The quality of the helmets needs to get much, much better, and the cost needs to get much, much lower. In any case, VR is unlikely to become the standard way of playing. Many people like to play console games in groups, and they enjoy interacting with their friends as they play. Shutting out the rest of the room with a VR helmet will significantly degrade that experience. VR will probably be at its best in single-player or multi-player networked games.

ZA Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams on Game Design (New Riders 2003)