Zapomniany Atari MindLink

The absolute worst idea was the “brainwave headband” (also known as the Atari MindLink). Atari experimented with this idea in the early 80s. The concept was simple: Control the computer with your thoughts! A headband with simple detectors would detect your brainwaves and pass the results on to the computer. Such a device was built and actually worked after a fashion; you really could play a videogame using the device. However, the device picked up muscle control neuron activity just as easily as it picked up brain activity, and so it was easier to control it with head muscles than with brainwaves. During intense gameplay, players tended to scrunch their eyebrows around to control the headband, leading to excruciating headaches afterward. The product was never marketed.

Chris Crawford on Game Design

Otóż pan Crawford chyba ominął kilka reklam, bo jednak był nieco promowany:

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